Founder to Founder

This week Warren asks Richard the questions...

1) What’s the hardest part or running your own business?

The fear of regret - that if it all ended tomorrow the very idea that I could be reflecting in ten years time beating myself up for having made one wrong decision or another. But that shouldn’t happen - we always act with the best of intentions for the business and any attempt to try and apply hindsight is futile. Then there’s the responsibility to our shareholders and families, who have invested in us too with their love and support, and I’m forever mindful of that.

Other things, such as ’never switching off’, don’t bother me. The business is as much a hobby as it is job, and as such I’m committed to it in the evenings, weekends or holidays as much as I am committed to going for a run, taking my daughter to the park or going to watch my beloved Fulham!

2) What’s the best part?
Great customer feedback! That might be an email from a longstanding customer requesting we put a new ingredient in to development, or a thank you from someone who’s had an issue with their courier which we’ve quickly worked to remedy. Our customer retention is way above the industry norm, and knowing we’re trusted to make a difference to the lives of our customers is the most rewarding thing in the world.

3) Which are your favourite brands outside of Wicked Gummy co?

As marketers Apple have made our lives much more difficult over the last 16 months or so, as their recent privacy update has made it much harder to target potential customers with our adverts. But that said I’m very loyal to them! I rely on my MacBook for work, my iPhone for sharing photos with my family and my iWatch for my various sporting pursuits. They’ve got me! I do a lot of running and cycling, and New Balance and Rapha are my go-to brands for kit.

4) What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you?

It’s essential, but I appreciate the importance of balance. I don’t get it right all the time. My sleep is often broken by thoughts of the business or my two year old daughter, who alone has given me a refreshed perspective on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. My wife and I like to take advantage of all the wonderful restaurants on our doorstep, but I do cook from scratch most nights using fresh ingredients. I enjoy beer and wine. But I don’t feel I can enjoy it unless I’ve earned it. I run approximately 120k a month and cycle, particularly in the summer months. So when that pint does get poured, I like to think my commitment to my training justifies it!

5) If you could chose the ideal person to promote the brand, who would it be?

It’s cliche, but any one of our fantastically loyal customers - that is to say I believe in organic word of mouth as being far more powerful than any paid-for promotion. Of course, you can’t deny the incredible reach many of the celebrities have through their social media, but personally I’m far more likely to invest in a product if one of my friends has had a positive experience and feels strongly enough about it to share it with me.